Rekey Locks

The benefit of lock rekey services is that you spend less to gain high security at your property. That’s if the existing locks is in good condition and not damaged. In such cases, we can help you avoid intrusions and trouble, but also gain good management of your keys.Rekey Locks Pitt Meadows

Our local locksmith is experienced with all services. We offer solutions based on the problem. When there is no need to change locks but still to avoid a break-in, we rekey locks in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.

Let us rekey locks to spare you from any potential trouble

By rekeying locks, Locksmith Pitt Meadows spare you any trouble with unwanted visitors. It all comes down to who might have the keys of your house or business. If there is a slight possibility of the realtor or ex-tenant of your new apartment to still hold your key, we prevent a potential intrusion by rekeying the locks.

For the same reason, we rekey locks when the keys are lost or stolen. For such emergencies, you can depend on our company for a fast and 24 hour service in Pitt Meadows. When there are such issues, key replacement won’t really help. What you want is to keep your home’s unauthorized key holders out.

That’s the whole point of rekeying locks and key change. And the reason why our company responds quickly to assist you.

What we can also do is a master key system

We can do two things. Our techs can either change the pins of the lock’s cylinder and their configuration so that the new lock will only operate with the new key, or create a master key system. With the latter, you will be able to open and lock many doors with one master key. And each door will also operate with its unique key. In such cases, our techs make sure the new pins are configured in such a way as to accept both master and servant keys.

Our lock smiths always travel extensively equipped and have the skills to offer such services. From creating master locks to rekeying them to work with a different key, we guarantee high quality work. Call us today if you need to rekey locks in Pitt Meadows.