Residential Locksmith

Do not wait until your locks fail you before you start looking for a great residential locksmith in Pitt Meadows. One of our highly-trained professionals will come out to your home and properly inspect your existing locks. If they are still in good shape we will let you know, but if they need to be updated we will let you know that too. We are a 24 hour locksmith that provides outstanding installation, repair, and replacement service for homes in Pitt Meadows, BC.Residential Locksmith Pitt Meadows

The Full-Service Residential Locksmith

At Locksmith Pitt Meadows, we offer the complete package of home service at competitive prices. Our skilled professionals will come out 24/7 to help when you have been locked out of your house or apartment. We have the tools and the experience to open the door fast without causing any damage. You can also get in touch with us for expert lock repair or if a key has broken off in the lock. Our technician will provide friendly, competent service for all of your residential lock and key requirements.

A Reliable Residential Locksmith

You can rely on our residential locksmith to take good care of all your home lock and key needs. We offer outstanding house lock change service. If your locks need to be updated, we can offer you a wide assortment of durable products to choose from. You can choose from a quality door knob or deadbolt products manufactured from the most respected brands in the entire industry. Our technicians will install locks properly and as quickly as possible. Quality results are a top priority.

Besides superb installation and replacement, we also administer extremely effective lock rekey service. There is no sense in changing out your lock if it is still in great condition. We can alter the tumblers and create a new set of keys instead. Locks tend to wear out over time or become damaged somehow. Keys get lost or break off in locks and people get locked out of their home. When you confront any of these issues contact our residential locksmith in Pitt Meadows for assistance.